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Classic counters

Traditional market stands with a modern twist.

We dedicate our series of classic stands to all those for whom a durable and spacious advertising stand is a priority.

Our advertising counters from the Classic series are traditional solutions provided with a bit of a modern approach to the subject. Each of these products has been thought out to meet the needs of the modern market. We have gathered our experience and market experience in one place to create a universal and fresh product from the combination of these two worlds. The result is advertising stands that stand out from the crowd and offer a lot of possibilities.


A market stand designed in Europe.

The basis of most of our Adsystem classic counters is a powder coated frame made of durable aluminum. The rest of the components are based on it: a tabletop made of a furniture board, an internal shelf subtly hidden behind the printout, as well as graphics on a reinforced PVC plate, perfectly attached to the frame. We create this frame from scratch in Poland, the same is with wood components.

The printout made with the solvent printing technique, glued on a stiffened and laminated PVC plate, has a size appropriate for a given structure and is mounted on it with Velcro attached to the set. Importantly, the printout is fully replaceable, so nothing prevents one exhibition counter from being used for several different events or tastings, where the graphics would be replaced according to current needs.

It is also worth paying attention to the fact that as a manufacturer of advertising stands, we are also able to create non-standard stands, as well as modify structures from our regular offer. We encourage you to contact us for details.

Each stand is packed in a handy transport bag that fits into a passenger car.