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LED counters

Advertising stands for many occasions.

Our LED advertising stands are available in several shapes and sizes to meet the needs of the largest possible audience. Do you need a durable counter on which you will present your latest product and hide leaflets inside? Or maybe you are creating an information desk to be as mobile as possible? Our backlit counters answer all these questions in the affirmative because they fit each of these circumstances. What's more, it is only up to you where else they can be used. There are many possibilities!

The prints are trimmed with a special silicone rubber, thanks to which they stay securely on the structure. The appropriate color saturation has been maintained thanks to the print made in the eco sublimation technique. During this process, the print is transferred under pressure from the transfer paper to the fabric. As a result, the product is full of vivid colors, which is not without significance in the case of products designed to work with LED lighting.