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Textile counters

Textile counters for every occasion and every budget.

Very often our clients asked about the stands that will be a great complement to our adWall Vario textile walls. We met all those who were interested in this subject by creating a series of textile stands.

The perfect match of both of these products was possible thanks to the use of the same medium and the same printing technique. We are able to offer complementary exhibition systems adapted to many occasions.

We are the sole producers of parts from the products presented in this category. This means that you will not find them anywhere else but with us.


Durable and effective advertising stands.

The printout is made on polyester fabric with an admixture of stretch, printed using the eco sublimation method. Thanks to this, we are able to achieve the highest product parameters and meet the requirements of customers from all over Europe and beyond. These parameters that are important to us are: a print that perfectly fits the frame, appropriate color saturation, the possibility of multiple use and easy maintenance. We achieved all this thanks to the selection of an appropriate medium for this product.

Adsystem textile counters are made of various materials. We have stands made of hard PVC, we also have aluminum structures, as well as products that are a combination of both these materials and a furniture board. Probably the most effective tribunes can be found in the Quick series. The assembly and disassembly of one such stand takes only a few seconds, and thanks to the hydraulic frame, Adtribune Quick unfolds almost by itself and without our participation.

The prints are trimmed with a special silicone rubber, thanks to which they stay on the structure. What's more, they can be freely changed and can also be washed in a regular washing machine.