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mFrame - modular exhibition system

How are mFrame modular trade fair booths constructed?

mFrame modular trade fair booths are complex structures. Discover how this type of trade fair construction is made.

Aluminum structure and connector system

The basis of the mFrame exhibition booth system consists of aluminum frames. Importantly, they are already assembled to facilitate the system's assembly and disassembly. As a result, they simply need to be connected using the connectors included in the system. In addition to these basic elements, mFrame also includes support bases, connectors, clamps, and covers. The whole set forms a solid and durable kit for multiple uses, which will serve you at subsequent events and promotions. Another important aspect is that the frames are not welded but bolted. This is significant if there is a need for air transport to international events.

Trade fair construction and high-quality prints

The culmination of the modular trade fair construction are the prints. Typically, we prepare them on textile material, which takes up little space and does not crease during transport. Occasionally, we also produce them on plexiglass and dibond. To prepare the prints, we use technologically advanced printing techniques. As a result, we achieve high-quality graphics and very good color reproduction. Consequently, the construction of trade fair booths in the mFrame system will look very impressive, and the whole will fit into the graphical identification system of your brand. This will provide you with a brand calling card that strengthens the image of a premium company.

Where and in what circumstances will you use mFrame modular trade fair booths?

Although the mFrame system was designed as a trade fair booth construction, it turns out that it has many other applications. Here are some examples of using the mFrame modular booth.

Trade fair booth construction

mFrame is one of the more popular modular trade fair booths chosen by our customers. Users appreciate this system for its impressive appearance, solid construction, and modular layout. By opting for the mFrame variant of trade fair booth construction, you will gain an exhibition stand that cannot be passed indifferently.

Modular booth in a service salon or showroom

Another way to use trade fair booth construction outside its typical exhibition application is to use the system in a service salon or showroom. mFrame will enable the division of space for presenting products and services and meetings with clients. At the same time, using prints, the system will become a medium for advertising and information, further strengthening the brand image in the minds of visitors - both those visiting the company and clients.

Modular trade fair booth as a branding wall

An interesting idea for using trade fair booth construction outside of fairs is to use the system as a branding wall. If the space in your company's headquarters allows it, modular booths can serve as a wall for photos or recordings, which you can then use on social media. Such use will make the construction of a trade fair booth even more profitable, as it will be possible to use the exhibition system outside of fairs.

What is the price of mFrame trade fair booth construction?

The price list for trade fair booths in the mFrame system depends on the size of the booth and the complexity of the construction from aluminum profiles. We can prepare almost any booth for you, from the simplest ones to elaborate, modern solutions. If you are curious about the basic price of trade fair booth construction in the system discussed here, in our offer you will find mFrame advertising walls at a price of just under 6,000 złoty.

Explore our offer and choose a modular trade fair booth that will meet the needs of your business. And if you have doubts or do not know which trade fair construction will be the best solution, contact us. Our experienced advisors will help you choose and design a solution tailored to your brand.

Capabilities  of mframe

Accessories mframe | Adsystem


We offer standard product display accessories such as shelves or hanging panels. Additionally, we can enrich the stand with a TV on a system mount, LED lighting or a utility room with a lockable door.

Stand equipment mframe | Adsystem

Stand equipment

We will complement the stand with furniture, stands or brochure holders. We will distinguish it with a logo behind the styrodur or backlit logotype.

LED light boxes | Adsystem

LED light boxes

Worried that your stand will be too dark? Instead of Mframe, we can use backlit coffers, dynamic light boxes or LED screens to enliven the space.

System floor mframe | Adsystem

System floor

A raised floor adds prestige. On it, we can use a trade fair carpet or panels in mat or gloss. In addition, it will allow hiding the wiring.

Suspended systems mframe | Adsystem

Suspended systems

We offer a wide range of tubular systems and light boxes that can be suspended from the ceiling. This will make it easier for the customer to locate the stand.

Additional services | Adsystem

Additional services

Customers opt for modular solutions not only because of self-assembly - their repeated use allows for considerable savings, and we offer storage, logistics, assembly and disassembly. You can arrive when the stand is ready.

Project | Adsystem


We will design your stand to meet your expectations.

Pricing | Adsystem


Free stand valuation, already at the design stage.

Assembly | Adsystem


We provide installation services ALL OVER the world.

Transport | Adsystem


Dedicated transportation or courier service - the choice is yours!

Modular trade fair buildings are undoubtedly the future of the industry and the direction that more and more companies are choosing to take. Such trade fair stands should be seen more as an investment than a one-time purchase - we can use the contraption for years, change its configurations, expand it, and we can replace the prints depending on the event or the initiative or product just being promoted. Thus, we save money. It is also worth remembering the ecological advantages of such a solution - we can use the modular trade fair stand repeatedly, taking care of Our Planet at the same time!