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Display walls

Advertising Walls

Advertising walls are one of the most popular products supporting marketing activities. In this category, you will find a range of solutions that will help you gain the attention of potential customers. Thanks to its aluminum construction and high-quality print, the adsystem wall is not only an advertising medium but also a business card for your company. What distinguishes our brand's products?


  • High-quality print: The sublimation printing method allows us to achieve high-quality prints with vivid colors. We can place your company logo or other graphics on them.

  • Versatile use: Walls are effective as both an advertising medium at various events and as office decor.

  • Intuitive assembly: Assembly and disassembly of the walls do not require tools.

  • Convenient transport: Based on an aluminum structure, display walls are lightweight and easy to transport.

Textile walls
Pop-up walls

What is an advertising wall used for?

Our advertising walls are products with versatile applications. You can successfully use them during various promotional activities and at your company headquarters. If you're wondering what an advertising wall is for and how it can support your business, read about proven ways to use it.

Exhibition wall for trade shows and promotions

A textile display wall is a great choice if you're preparing to participate in a trade show or promotion at a shopping center or gallery. A product with a personalized print will catch the audience's attention from afar and draw them to your booth.

Our arched and straight walls can be a good alternative to classic advertising systems such as roll-ups. Moreover, a fabric wall or pop-up wall can serve as a backdrop for your entire booth. It will help you define your trade space and more effectively display your products or other advertising elements.


Advertising wall as a background for social media content

A personalized display wall will be a good choice if you're preparing visual materials for your social media channels. Straight or arched walls can serve as a background during recording sessions or photo shoots. Additionally, it’s an excellent way to prepare for video conferences and online business meetings.

Textile wall in the office

Our display walls are also useful in the office. You can use them to divide an open space. Create functional sections and provide employees with a greater sense of privacy.

Moreover, you can place encouraging slogans or current information on the prints. As such, the display wall will become a part of internal communication and positively influence the atmosphere within your company.

Another good way to support your business with a display wall is to set it up in the reception area or waiting room. This way, you can signal that visitors have arrived at the correct address or inform them about ongoing projects, products, or services.

Textile wall for conferences

Textile walls are also a good support during conferences or business meetings. The advertising walls available in our store, especially larger sizes, can serve as a backdrop for speakers. This way, you will draw the audience's attention and support the speakers' efforts.

A textile wall can also be used to display the organizer's company symbols, thereby reinforcing the company's presence in the general awareness. Our products are also suitable as event signage. For example, by placing a wall at the entrance to the conference room, you will make navigation easier for participants.

What display walls can you find in the adsystem offer?

At adsystem, we always strive to ensure our products meet the highest standards. Therefore, in this category, you will find various advertising systems – textile walls and pop-up models. Discover which of these solutions will be the best choice for your business.

Textile display walls

Textile walls have been popular with our customers for years. These recommended products are available in various sizes and shapes.

Vario Light display walls

The Light series display wall is characterized by its lightweight. The diameter of the tubes used for the construction is only 34mm. As a result, light walls are a great choice if you plan frequent changes of the display location and regular transportation of the wall. Additionally, a handy transport bag makes it easier to move the exhibition system.

Vario Premium display walls

In our offer, you will also find display walls from the Premium series. These products are distinguished by tubes with a diameter of 43 mm. They are heavier and more stable. This type of display wall is a good choice if you're looking for an advertisement for busy events.

Pop-up display walls

The pop-up advertising wall is a structure based on a frame combination resembling an accordion. In this case, we place the print with your company logo or graphics on stiffened PVC panels. They differ from other walls in their assembly method. To erect the structure, unfold the accordion-like frame and secure it in designated places.

Why choose adsystem display walls?

Effective advertising medium

Our brand's mission is to deliver high-quality advertising media and exhibition systems. Therefore, each wall leaving our production line undergoes a multi-stage quality control. As a result, we are confident that you will receive a complete product that will become an effective advertising tool and support your promotional activities.

High-quality print

When preparing prints for advertising walls, we use modern production techniques. Sublimation printing allows us to achieve high-quality graphics with well-saturated colors. As a result, the advertising wall will be an impressive business card for your company.

Standardized products with easy print replacement

The aluminum structure of our walls is standardized. This means that if you change your visual concept over time, you can order only the printed fabrics for the existing structure. Therefore, these frames are marketing tools that can serve you for a long time.

Easy assembly and disassembly

The foundation of our advertising walls is an aluminum structure. Thanks to this, the advertising systems are lightweight, making them easy to transport.

Moreover, we have ensured that the assembly of the walls is intuitive. For textile walls, simply connect the tubes using snaps and apply the print. For pop-up walls, to erect them, unfold the accordion structure and attach the graphic on PVC.

The assembly of both types of walls is tool-free, which is especially important during trade shows – you don't have to worry about carrying additional tools. Additionally, the transport bag included with our products makes it easier to move around at trade shows.

As you can see, an adsystem advertising wall is a practical product that will support your promotional activities. Check out the shapes and sizes of walls we have prepared and choose the solution that will work best for your company.

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