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Display walls

Professional advertising solutions.

Advertising walls are professional and proven tools which, thanks to the presentation of large-format advertising graphics, effectively promote the company and its products. They give unlimited possibilities to present a company, product or idea in any place and in any situation. Exhibition walls of this type are undoubtedly one of the most effective and largest portable exhibition systems. The range of applications includes conferences, fairs, company events, presentations, promotions, decoration of company rooms, mobile recording or photo studios and many more.


We offer the highest quality advertising walls at an attractive price.

The “advertising wall” (or “display wall”) is a general name for the whole range of products offered by Adsystem. It includes portable banner walls, pop-up walls, straight and curved walls, long one, to name a few. Each display wall has its unique pros and cons, but all of them have two things in common - it’s high quality and stability. In the newest frames, the advertising wall is made of calendered fabrics. Older models are made of banners, PVC and foil, as well as double-sided laminated paper. Heavier and larger system walls are equipped with a hard case, and smaller ones with a transport bag. You can easily put them in the trunk of the car and take them anywhere.

It is possible to order lighting, which additionally strengthens the message - we use strong and energy-saving LED lighting. One system can be equipped with several types of interchangeable graphics. That’s why investing in only one wall and re-ordering spare prints according to events seems to be a very good idea. Once you are purchasing the display wall, you can even have dozens of different prints and change them when needed. It is a very economic attitude - with less amount you can cover many events.

Promo wall - choose the best solution for your company

Advertising walls are most often used indoors. Our display walls are available in various sizes, so you can adjust the product to your needs. And it’s only up to you what will be exposed on the printout. We can make either single side print, or double side - the wall will be exactly what you want. All products that are available in our offer are presented on our website. Because we are as transparent as we could be, each display wall has its price. We also show available accessories, like LED lamps mentioned above. You don’t have to limit to only one wall - it’s good to have plenty of exhibition stands usable depending on event. Since all these walls are portable, you can use them literally anywhere, in any place in the World. Wherever you will take it, it will help to raise awareness about you and your company.

We have display walls for you!

Check our offer and see which portable walls are the best for you. The display wall made by us will for sure satisfy you. The best quality in the most attractive price - this will surprise you! If you are interested in our offer, do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to help you with any questions or inquiries. If it is needed, we can even meet in our office in Wrocław, Poland, where you can meet us and learn a bit more about us and our products