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Textile frames

Vario promotional wall - one structure, multiple uses

Stylish and at the same time professional mobile walls are the solution for all those who appreciate the convenience and simplicity of advertising equipment. Vario systems are constructed from aluminium frames on which polyester fabric is supported.

Wall-hung frames
Free-standing frames
Ceiling frames
Custom frames

LED-free advertising panels - simple and intuitive installation 

The lightness of the entire structure adds to the elegant appearance of the advertisement, but also allows the frames to be easily folded and stored in case they need to be transported or moved to another location. The choice of different sizes and shapes further adds to their versatility.

What's more, textile panels offer unlimited possibilities for personalisation. Virtually any design or logo can be printed on them, making it possible to perfectly match the presented content to a specific brand or advertising campaign.  This is not only a way of effective promotion, but also a conscious business decision that supports sustainability.With these benefits, textile advertising frames are an indispensable promotional tool, allowing for a unique way to present content in a modern, environmentally friendly and customised way.

Striking and personalised advertising panels without backlighting

If you don't need or can't afford backlit advertising, dibond advertising panels, textile, suspended, free-standing or wall-mounted advertising panels are the answer. Advertising panels without LED, thanks to the special system of fixing the fabric, have the possibility of changing the graphics in a matter of seconds, without using tools. This is ideal for dynamic promotional campaigns that require a quick response to changing trends and events. The frames are made of lightweight but durable materials, making them easy to transport, assemble and store. However, despite their lightness, the visual effect still attracts attention from afar.

Customise your advertising backdrop

Every one of our advertising backdrops without backlighting is personalised. This means that when choosing a product, the customer has many options, which we are able to meet effectively. Our range includes double-sided free-standing textile panels or single-sided frames, which are a great solution for hanging on a wall. Our lightboxes have so far been used in places such as offices, showrooms, conference rooms or even museums. Among other things, they have served as alternatives to roll-ups, information boards and backgrounds for video conferences.

We adapt the number and type of components individually to the size and type of frame. Prints are made on polyester fabric in the eco-sublimation technique. The fabric is trimmed with elastic, resulting in a very attractive print that perfectly frames the frame. What is more, it is replaceable - which makes our product reusable and will last for years. The LED-free advertising panels will also be a great decoration in the home and office.