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Illuminated Advertising Lightbox - A Modern and Effective Form of Advertising

  • Illuminated lightboxes are modern advertising media that easily and effectively capture the audience's attention and strengthen your brand's promotional message.


  • They are used as advertising walls, promotional banners, or information boards. You can successfully utilize them at trade fairs, promotions, industry meetings, or in the arrangement of an office or service premises.


  • The lightboxes are made from an aluminum structure, textile prints, and LED diodes.


  • Your personalized graphics will be placed on the textile print, making the LED lightbox a clear and impressive showcase for your company.

Free-standing lightboxes
Wall-hung lightboxes
Suspended lightboxes
Custom lightboxes
Pop-up Lightboxes

LED Lightboxes - What Are They and What Types of Them Are There?

An illuminated advertising lightbox is one of the most popular information carriers in direct marketing. These products consist of an aluminum frame with LED lighting and textile prints. Your personalized graphics with company logos will be placed on the polyester fabric. As a result, you will capture the audience's attention and draw them to your booth. In our offer, you will find various types of LED lightboxes. Check out the products we have prepared for you and choose the model that best meets your expectations.

Freestanding Advertising Lightboxes

The lightboxes in this category are versatile advertising media that you can use in various ways. Freestanding lightboxes can be distinguished by their design, which allows them to be freely positioned at any point in a room. Their installation does not require wall or ceiling mounting, as they are equipped with sturdy support bases. The products in this subcategory work excellently as illuminated walls, against which you can display your products and booth. These types of lightboxes are ideal for trade fairs, promotions in large shopping centers, conferences, offices, and service premises.

Wall-Mounted Advertising Lightboxes

These are an excellent solution for offices, galleries, or shop windows. A wall-mounted lightbox serves as a modern form of a banner, informing your audience about your offerings, attracting their attention from afar, and encouraging them to visit your premises. The products in this category can also complement the decor of an office or service establishment, serving internal communication within the company or informing visiting guests about current special events or promotions. A proven way to utilize these wall-mounted lightboxes is to place them in company receptions. Thanks to personalized graphics, your clients will immediately know they have arrived at the right place.

Suspended Advertising Lightboxes

These are a great addition to classic advertising systems. Suspended lightboxes hung above a booth make your promotion area even more visible from a distance. They are also an ideal solution for service establishments such as automotive or technology showrooms, which are typically located in spacious interiors. In such cases, suspended lightboxes can also be an effective way to mark different zones within the space.

Pop-Up Illuminated Lightboxes

The pop-up illuminated lightbox is designed for sales representatives and employees who frequently change their promotion location. If you conduct presentations in different locations almost every day, the ability to quickly set up and dismantle your booth is crucial. Pop-up illuminated lightboxes can be set up with a single smooth motion. To assemble the structure, simply raise it upwards and then secure it with a cross support. This solution allows for quick and efficient preparation for promotional activities.

Custom Illuminated Lightboxes

At adsystem, we strive to meet our clients' needs as much as possible. We know that standard solutions can be ineffective in some cases. Therefore, among our products, you will also find an offer for custom lightboxes. We will create a lightbox tailored to your needs, ensuring that your advertising message is fully customized to your business requirements.

What Benefits Do Adsystem Lightboxes Offer?

LED illuminated lightboxes are a proven way to stand out from the competition. A fabric with a print, illuminated by LED lighting and mounted on an aluminum frame, is a good alternative to roll-ups or traditional advertising walls. An illuminated advertising lightbox with a print offers many benefits. Here are the most important ones.

High-Quality Sublimation Printing

In the process of preparing graphics for LED lightboxes, we use the sublimation printing method. This eco-friendly technique warrants an excellent quality and deep colors of the print. As a result, a double-sided illuminated advertising lightbox will be an impressive showcase for your brand and attract the attention of the audience. Additionally, the material we use in the production of lightboxes ensures that the light is evenly diffused. This results in no overexposed or darker areas on the fabric surface, and a superb overall appearance.

Long-Lasting Solution - Durable Materials and Print Replacement Option

At adsystem, we ensure our products serve you for a long time. Therefore, we focus not only on durable materials but also on the standardization of our products. If you change your graphic concept over time or conduct a different promotional campaign, all you need to do is purchase a new print for the existing structure. As a result, our lightbox can support your promotional activities at subsequent events and trade shows.

Double-Sided Advertising Lightbox for More Effective Display

Among the products in this category, you will find textile lightboxes where the printed polyester fabric can be mounted on both sides. In this case, the display of your promotion can be even more effective, as the message will be visible from different parts of a trade hall, for example.

Textile Lightboxes - Easy Assembly and Transport

What’s important to note, the assembly of our textile lightboxes does not require tools. To assemble the structure, simply connect the individual marked elements. The product is intuitive to handle and you can manage it easily even if you have no experience in manual tasks. The process of changing the graphics is also very smooth - our prints are edged with a silicone beading that can be simply inserted into the slot of the aluminum frame. Additionally, the lightweight construction makes transporting the lightboxes convenient, which is especially important if you are preparing for promotions outside your company's headquarters.

Where Can You Use Advertising Lightboxes?

A lightbox is a versatile marketing tool that can be utilized for a variety of promotional activities, both at your company’s headquarters and in public places. Here are some occasions where illuminated advertising lightboxes can support your promotional efforts.

Lightboxes for Trade Shows and Promotions

The LED lightboxes in this category are ideal for preparing for trade show participation. The double-sided display ensures your booth is clearly visible from various parts of the hall. Additionally, in the subcategory of freestanding lightboxes, you’ll find models designed for trade show booth construction, such as the LMD lightbox, which is larger than other models in this group. This creates an illuminated wall that serves as a backdrop for your display. Moreover, these models can be easily connected to form a wall construction, such as an L-shape. Our products also complement other promotional events, such as those in shopping centers.

Textile Lightboxes for Offices and Company Headquarters

A lightbox can also be an excellent advertising medium and communication tool within your company. If visitors and clients first arrive at a waiting area or reception, an LED lightbox with company symbols will help them recognize they are at the right place. This role is particularly well-suited for a wall-mounted lightbox, in such areas as behind the reception desk. Another interesting use of our LED lightboxes at your company headquarters is incorporating them into office decor. A product equipped with printed fabric and lighting can serve as an information board. Additionally, wall-mounted lightboxes can function as striking decorations. For instance, a wall lightbox with an impressive landscape or intriguing graphic can be an alternative to a traditional painting.

Textile LED Lightboxes in Government Offices and Cultural Institutions

Our products are also a good solution if you are looking for an information carrier for a government office or cultural institution. LED lighting will highlight key information about projects, grants, or special exhibitions. In this context, textile lightboxes with LED lighting are much more effective than traditional roll-ups.


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