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About us

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Adsystem means years of experience in manufacturing top quality exhibition systems and hundreds of thousands of hours collected on perfecting products that have influenced the image and perception of many business giants.


Innovation and continuous development

We do not rest on our laurels, we constantly improve our products, invent new solutions and try to adapt to the constantly changing world. We set trends in the exhibition systems market.

People have always been most important to us. Both those who work for us and those who work with us. We care about long-term cooperation and mutual trust. In Adsystem people are the most important for us.
Knowledge and experience

TTheory is one thing, but the ability to turn plans into reality is another story. We arrived at our solutions by trial and error, spending hundreds of hours perfecting our solutions to meet our clients' expectations.

We believe that in the future, thanks to our systems, every business will be able to present itself in the way it would like to be perceived.


At adsystem, we want to grow not only as employees, but first and foremost as people. Offering great quality products and services is no longer enough. Commitment to the environment, nature-friendly production, an ecological approach in daily habits - these are among our priorities for adsystem's future development. What have we already accomplished?

  • Our new headquarters in Bielany Wrocławskie is equipped with solar panels, thanks to which we get electricity from clean sources.
  • We introduced a BMS system to manage the building to improve the operation of the facility in terms of economy, comfort and security.
  • We made sure the building is decently insulated, so we don't waste energy by keeping it inside the headquarters.
  • On the production part, we prepared special containers for garbage segregation.
  • Products such as walls, coffers and trade fair buildings have interchangeable prints, and this allows us to house one element instead of the whole structure.
  • We set aside unused pieces of material to sew them into accessories such as hats, scarves bags or backpacks. No scraps go to waste with us.
  • In the office, we have used a water filtration system that is accessible to everyone, trash recycling garbage cans, led light bulbs and electric dryers in the toilets.
Environmental awareness at adsystem depends on the full commitment of the employer and employees, so we are working together to change our habits for the better. This is just the beginning of the reform, and we have plans for even more environmental improvements ahead.


"I'm not a businessman, I'm an entrepreneur. For me the most important thing is people." - CEO, Łukasz Wagemann.

Without a close-knit team and mutual trust, we would not have gotten to where we are now, which is why we believe that good relationships in our company are the foundation of successful cooperation. We celebrate birthdays, promotions or important personal events like weddings or the birth of a child together. We work better without constant stress, so we make sure that everyone feels like an integral part of our team. Furthermore, we are also committed to providing every employee with safe working conditions. Whether in the production or office area, we follow health and safety rules. We provide everyone with first aid and safety training to help get used to the information.

And what of our new developments? We recently launched a People & Culture program to improve our work environment, recruitment process, induction training (onboarding) and open space remodeling addressing people's needs. Out of respect for diversity, we strive hard to listen and hear each other and respond to all social needs.


We have a lot of learning and training ahead of us, but we are already building a team based on its strengths and talents. We are trying to match responsibilities to the employee so that they feel as comfortable as possible in what they are doing. The processes, procedures and strategies we put in place are designed to support the business, in being socially as well as environmentally responsible. We focus on working efficiently, being sure not to lose the friendly atmosphere in teams.

Is this the end of our activities?
Definitely not.

Do we want to get even better at it?
Definitely yes.

Because we care. Because we want to act. Because we want to work in a place that respects the employee, and the employee respects the place where he works. We learn from our mistakes, we test, we try, we implement. We will be even better for you, our planet and ourselves.