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About us

Adsystem means years of experience in manufacturing top quality exhibition systems and hundreds of thousands of hours collected on perfecting products that have influenced the image and perception of many business giants.


To provide ready-made exhibition solutions which can be assembled by anyone.


Innovation and continuous development

We do not rest on our laurels, we constantly improve our products, invent new solutions and try to adapt to the constantly changing world. We set trends in the exhibition systems market.

People have always been most important to us. Both those who work for us and those who work with us. We care about long-term cooperation and mutual trust. In Adsystem people are the most important for us.
Knowledge and experience

TTheory is one thing, but the ability to turn plans into reality is another story. We arrived at our solutions by trial and error, spending hundreds of hours perfecting our solutions to meet our clients' expectations.

We believe that in the future, thanks to our systems, every business will be able to present itself in the way it would like to be perceived.