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Exhibition stands

Make yourself known with elegant exhibition systems

Advertising stands and booths are an excellent way to promote yourself. If you run a business and want to show it to the world, the best way to do it is at trade shows or various events - both outdoors and indoors. A good way to make customers aware of the existence of your brand are advertising stands, which can also be used on a daily basis, such as in a store. Our company offers high-end modular trade show stands, or mobile trade show stands and suspended systems, as well as many other systems.

Each category has its own advantages, which are worth exploring before deciding on a choice for yourself. It is worth mentioning right away that all promotional stands, as well as modular and suspended stands, have several versions, which allows you to adjust them even better to your needs. Find out which one is best for your company's trade stand.

Modular exhibition systems and stands

Exhibition systems referred to as modular stands are a series of modular elements supported by common frames. Such exhibition stands are very quick to assemble and disassemble, and can be modified as needed by adding another module or removing an existing one. When folded, such trade stands do not take up much space, so they are easy to transport and store. The modular exhibition systems especially recommended for companies that frequently visit trade fairs and participate in numerous events. This modularity allows them to be easily adapted to the event.

We offer this type of booth for exhibitions in several versions. As an option, you can also order practical additions from us - such as LED light boxes or stand equipment (such as display racks). Thanks to these improvements, your exhibition stand will gain prestige and aesthetics, which will translate into more visitors and learn about your products or services. Of course, this is not a requirement - you can opt for an advertising stand without any additions.

We offer modular advertising stands in two systems: mFrame and Multiframe. Both types are united by high quality workmanship and affordable price. If you want to have a professionally made stand at the fair, bet on this solution. Adsystem is a manufacturer you can trust - you can see exhibition stands made by us in many places in Poland and Europe.

Suspended systems

Although the term "advertising stand" is primarily associated with surface standing ads, we prove that it doesn't have to be that way. Suspended display stands are a convenient solution for events of any kind - they will make other exhibition stands pale in comparison with yours.

You can suspend anything - clover-shaped system, cubes, walls, etc. As a manufacturer, we are able to make very custom designs that will make your exhibition stands always in demand! In addition, trade show booths can be mixed - some can be regular display stands, and some can be suspended stands. Nothing prevents you from combining suspended systems with various standing elements, such as display racks.

Such trade show stands are extremely original - and therefore attract customers. If you add eye-catching printing, you can be sure that your trade show booth will be in high demand. In addition, you can order extras from us, such as a cantina. This will further make your trade show booths look extremely professional.

Advertising stands - with us trade fairs are sure to be successful

Advertising stands are the business card of your company, and everyone wants it to be the best. Therefore, bet on our solutions, which will make your modular trade fair stand attract customers and potential clients. Years of experience speak for the choice of our offer - we know how to make an advertising stand that will make your trade stand look perfect. Each of our proposals is a good price for high quality.

So if you are interested in trade stalls, contact us today! We will create for you an exhibition stand that will make your company proud.